ESR 13-11-16 Week 2 Autumn Internationals

November 13, 2016

Week 2 in the 2016 Autumn Internationals has come & gone. The boys ramble on about England carrying on their good form from the 6 Nations and June tour to Australia with a strong win over a struggling South African outfit, that quite honestly look a shambles. The Aussies broke Scottish hearts yet again and are building nicely towards a Grand Slam. Wales won ugly over Argentina but have shown they still have lots to work on, whilst Argentina look jetlagged. Pretty sure they made a movie about the Argentinian Rugby Team. Tom Hanks starred in it. Was called The Terminal. Tom does look a lot like Nico Sanchez. The occasional yelp you hear is the Swagman cheering on the Aussies as they thump the Poms in the League. Sorry, he does get a little excited whenever any Aussie team are playing. Enjoy!


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