ESR 07-06-17 Back from Break

June 7, 2017

Due to popular demand (our 10 listeners), we have had to end our break early and do an impromptu pod this week. There is plenty to discuss too. The Lions have landed in NZ, unfortunately big Billy V has been ruled out of the tour and likely takes any hopes of a Lions win with him. The Aviva final series was brilliant! Kudos to Exeter for winning the GF. Tim was away at the time of recording, off running a marathon (what a supreme athlete). Reports are that he may or may not have shit himself whilst running the streets of Stockholm. We're sure he will tell all once he gets back. Fortunately friend of the pod Mick stepped in to join Simon & Scotty to fill the void. Will he let loose with an off the cuff rant???? You'll have to listen to find out. Enjoy the pod! 


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