ESR 05-02-17 Six Nations Round 1 Review

February 5, 2017

Well Round 1 is done & dusted. The blistering pace of the opening game got us all excited for the next 2 fixtures, unfortunately in our opinion they were both a bit of a let down. But we certainly are glad that the tournament is back & the old rivalries have been renewed. This weeks pod goes for an hour as the boys ramble their way through the weekends events. Lots of segways and we go down a couple of rabbit holes but we do manage to stay on track and deliver some champagne punditry (by champagne we mean a 2 quid bottle of fizzy cider from ALDI & by punditry we mean ill informed opinions). The Aussie blasts his "favourite" topic...the refs and their inconsistency, Scotty gives us his team of the week (largely we all agree) and Crippo is there to make up the numbers. Lucky for us no furniture gets damaged in the process. Bring on Round 2. Wales to beat England. Enjoy!


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